Skoda Octavia Workshop 1.4L 44kW Engine, Simos 3PB Fuel Injection and Ignition System

Skoda Octavia Workshop 1.4-ltr./44 kW Engine, Simos 3PB Fuel Injection and Ignition System PDF free online


01 Self-diagnosis

  • Self-diagnosis
    • Features of self-diagnosis
    • Technical data of self-diagnosis
    • Connecting vehicle system tester V.A.G 1552 and selecting engine electronics control unit
    • Interrogating and erasing fault memory
    • Fault table
    • Final control diagnosis
    • Reading measured value block
    • Reading measured value block: display groups 000 to 010
    • Reading measured value block: display groups 011 to 055

24 Fuel Formation/Fuel Injection

  • Servicing Fuel Injection System
    • Safety precautions
    • Rules for cleanliness
    • Technical data
    • Survey of fitting locations
    • General information on fuel injection system
    • Removing and installing parts of the fuel injection system
    • Disassembling and assembling fuel rail and injectors
    • Disassembling and assembling intake manifold
    • Disassembling and assembling air filter
    • Testing cables and components with test box V.A.G 1598/31
    • Replacing engine control unit
    • Testing idling speed
    • Testing operating states of engine
    • Testing fuel pressure regulator and holding pressure
    • Testing intake system for leaks (unmetered air)
    • Testing injectors
    • Testing injected quantity, leaktightness and spray pattern of injectors
    • Testing fuel pump relay -J17 and actuation
    • Testing intake manifold pressure sender -G71
    • Testing intake manifold temperature sender -G72
    • Testing coolant temperature sender -G62
    • Testing voltage supply for control unit
    • Adapting engine electronics control unit to electronic immobilizer
  • Testing lambda control
    •  Operation of lambda control
    • Testing lambda probe heater
  • Testing fuel tank ventilation
    • Testing solenoid valve 1 for activated charcoal filter
  • Testing electronic power control (electronic throttle)
    • Operation of electronic throttle system
    • Meaning of EPC warning lamp (electronic throttle control fault lamp) in dash panel insert
    • Testing electronic throttle control fault lamp -K132
    • Testing throttle valve control unit -J338
    • Conducting adaptation of throttle valve control unit
    • Testing angle senders for throttle valve drive
    • Testing accelerator pedal position sender
  • Testing additional signals
    • Testing engine speed signal
    • Testing fuel consumption signal for multifunction display
    • Testing road speed signal
    • Testing brake light switch -F and brake pedal switch -F47
    • Testing clutch pedal switch -F36-
    • Testing power steering pressure switch -F88-
    • Testing databus (CAN bus)

28 Ignition System

  • Testing ignition system
    • General information on ignition system
    • Safety precautions
    • Setting data of spark plugs
    • Removing and installing ignition system
    • Testing ignition coils with power output stage
    • Testing camshaft position sensor -G163
    • Testing knock sensor-G61
    • Testing engine speed sender -G28

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Skoda Octavia Workshop 1.4-ltr./44 kW Engine, Simos 3PB Fuel Injection and Ignition System PDF free online