Skoda 105S 105L 120L 120LE 120LS 120LSE Workshop Manual

The purpose of this workshop manual is to ensure perfect servicing and repairs of SKODA cars by acquainting you, the workers of car services, with the pertinent procedures.
The manual is divided into independent sections or chapters according to the fundamental function of the individual car mechanisms and systems, and/or the kind of information required. It includes descriptions of installation and removing as well as assembly and dismantling procedures, adjusting data, a list of tools and fixtures recommended by the manufacturer, etc.

Refer to the catalogue of spare parts as a supplement to the illustrations, which has been worked out in the same sequence. It will also help you to identify the minor design deviations of the individual production series.

Changes of procedures and supplements to the information contained in this manual are published currently in the SKODA Service Bulletins and they will, eventually, be incorporated in the next editions of the manual.


  • Introduction
  • 1 – General technical information
  • 2 – Engine
  • 3 – Clutch
  • 4 – Power transmission mechanisms – gea and final drive
  • 5 – Rear axle
  • 6 – Front axle
  • 7 – Steering
  • 8 – Suspension and shock absorbers
  • 9 – Brake system
  • 10 – Wheels and tyres
  • 11 – Cooling system and heater
  • 12 – Pedals, levers, operating rods, cables, pipelines, fuel tank
  • 13 – Electrical equipment
  • 14 – Bodywork
  • 15 – Maintenance
  • 16 – Special equipment
  • 17 – Service tools

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 238

Skoda 105S 105L 120L 120LE 120LS 120LSE Workshop Manual