Sisu Diesel 320, 420, 620, 634 Engines Workshop Manual

This Workshop Manual is intended to facilitate workshop operations and repair work. 320, 420, 620 and 634 – engines are mainly the same in construction, so the same repair instructions usually apply to different engine types. The differences between the various engine types which affect repair work have been mentioned in technical data and repair instructions. All measurements are in millimetres and valid when the temperature of the parts is +20˚C, unless otherwise stated.

Before starting the repair work read the safety instructions in the beginning of this book. Make sure that you have all necessary tools, parts and accessories at your disposal. The special tools mentioned in the work instructions are not all essential, but they speed up and facilitate the work and contribute to successful execution of work. An engine which has undergone repairs must be run in just like a new one.

Should the engine require measures not described in this manual, please consult your local agent or the Service Department of Sisu Diesel Inc., Linnavuori, Finland. To facilitate consulting, find out the following facts about the engine before contacting us:

  • engine type
  • engine number
  • application or equipment
  • hours operated or kilometres driven.

In this Workshop Manual the regular service procedure is not handled as this is explained in the 20/34 – series Operator’s Manual.

As Sisu Diesel Inc. is continuously developing the products, all rights are reserved without separate notice to change the adjustments, accessories and service – and repair procedure.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 114

Sisu Diesel 320, 420, 620, 634 Engines Workshop Manual PDF free online