Self Study Program 990713 – Audi TT RS with the 2.5L TFSI Engine

VAG SSP 990713  The original Audi TT, named after the legendary “Tourist Trophy” race in the United Kingdom, was a milestone in automotive design. The design followed pure geometry, with the central theme being a circle reflected in the wheel arches, roofline arches, and both the front and rear fascias of the vehicle.

The Audi TT RS, developed by quattro GmbH, breathes new life into old traditions. Thanks to a turbocharged 2.5-liter five cylinder engine, permanent all-wheel drive, and a sporty yet comfortable suspension and design, both the RS Coupe and RS Roadster are uncompromising sports cars.

The production of the Audi TT RS involves the use of two factories. The Audi Space Frame (ASF) body is constructed in Ingolstadt, Germany, while final assembly is completed in Györ, Hungary.

The TT RS is clearly the flagship of the TT model series. The muscular sheet metal body, tautly curved surfaces, and sharp lines give an impression of sculpture in motion.

From the side, the 18-inch wheels, large brakes, and flared wheel openings of the TT RS instantly catch the eye. Matte aluminum door mirror covers are standard.

The front of the TT RS features the Audi marque single frame grille. The insert is shiny black bounded with a matte aluminum finish. Large side air intakes with flared edges draw air into the engine compartment.

The left intake routes air to the transmission, while the right intake routes air to an auxiliary radiator. The turbocharger draws in air through the upper section of the grille while the intercooler sits behind the lower segment of the grille.

The front valance has been designed as a splitter, and when coupled with the rear spoiler, provides perfect aerodynamic balance.


  • Introduction
  • Body
    • Dimensions
    • Audi Space Frame
  • 2.5L TFSI Engine
    • Cylinder Block
    • Material Selection
    • Crankshaft Drive
    • Cylinder Head
    • Chain Drive
    • Oil Supply
    • Crankshaft Ventilation
    • Cooling System
    • Air Supply
    • Intake Manifold with Flaps
    • Exhaust System Overview
    • Turbocharger
    • Exhaust System Components
    • Belt Drive
    • Fuel System
    • System Overview
    • Engine Management
    • Engine Load Sensing
    • Sport Mode
  • Manual Transmission 0A6
  • Running Gear
    • Drive Concept
    • Audi Magnetic Ride
    • Brake System
    • Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP)
  • Service
    • New Special Tools for the TT RS
  • Self-Study Programs for the Audi TT
  • Knowledge Assessment

The Self-Study Program provides introductory information regarding the design and function of new models, automotive components, or technologies.
The Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual!
All values given are intended as a guideline only.
For maintenance and repair work, always refer to current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 52

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