Self Study Program 971603 – Audi Data Bus Technologies

VAG SSP 971603 . The first portion of this Self-Study Program describes basic functions of CAN-bus systems in general, and goes on to cover specific functions, diagnosis and testing for Drivetrain, Convenience and Infotainment CAN bus systems.

Data Bus Technology. The demand for more luxury features and increased comfort in vehicles creates an ever-increasing need for more capable and more complicated vehicle electronic systems. Data bus technology makes it possible to form a complex network of electronic control modules and sensors that can communicate with each other and share data across the entire network without the size, complexity, expense and other limitations of a conventional wiring harness.

Audi’s introduction of Controller Area Network or CAN data bus technology in the mid-’90s was a first, important step toward the exchange of increasing amounts of data between control modules.

The latter portion of this Self-Study Program describes the single wire Local Interconnect Network (LIN) data bus, Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) fiber-optic data bus, and wireless data transmission technology used in the latest Audi vehicles.

Purpose of a CAN-bus System

The CAN-bus system provides the following advantages as an overall system:

  • Data exchange between control modules takes place on a uniform platform or protocol, with the CAN-bus acting as a data highway
  • Systems involving several control modules, ESP for example, can be implemented efficiently
  • System expansions and additions of optional extras are easier to implement
  • CAN is an open system that permits adaptation to various data transfer media, such as copper wires or fiber-optic cables
  • CAN is used for control module diagnosis, replacing the actual K-wire with a so-called virtual K-wire
  • System-oriented diagnosis is possible across systems employing several control modules


  • Introduction
  • CAN-bus Overview
  • CAN-bus Systems
  • Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface
  • CAN-bus Fault Diagnosis
  • Other Data Bus Technology
  • LIN Data Bus
  • Fiber-Optic Data Bus
  • Bluetooth
  • Diagnosis CAN
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B

The Self-Study Program provides introductory information regarding the design and function of new models, automotive components or technologies.
The Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual!
All values given are intended as a guideline only and refer
to the software version valid at the time of publication of the SSP.
For maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 127

Self Study Program 971603 – Audi Data Bus Technologies