Self Study Program 970133 – Audi Occupant Protection Systems

VAG SSP 970133. Audi has a long history of pursuing vehicle safety. The first crash tests were conducted in 1938. While those early tests were done in pursuit of the same goal of occupant protection, technology has increased the scope to levels never dreamed of at that time.

Today, the development of a new vehicle requires more than just crash testing. It involves a systemic approach that includes many vehicle components and how they work together not only for crash survival but also in crash avoidance. Naturally, computers play a large role but actual vehicle testing is always carried out.

The engineers of Audi AG not only evaluate the results of in-house tests, but also actual accidents recorded by the accident researchers and scientists at the Audi Accident Research Unit (AARU). The AARU works hand-in-hand with police and doctors to compile as much accident data as possible. Using this information, Audi is constantly working to refine its test parameters.

The focus of Audi vehicle safety is on people. When it comes to safety, Audi relies on its most special people -its crash test dummies.


  • Introduction
  • Passive Versus Active
  • Passive Systems
  • Terminology
  • Front Airbags
  • Adaptive Driver’s Airbag
  • Side Airbags
  • Side Curtain Airbags
  • Adaptive Belt Force Limitation
  • Roll-Over Protection
  • Seat Position Detection
  • Market-Specific Special Features
  • Occupation Protection Systems
  • Passenger Front Airbag
  • Passenger Occupant Detection System
  • Passenger Side Seat Occupant Sensor
  • Installation Position
  • System Overview
  • Gel Mat System Overview
  • Audi pre sense
  • Introduction
  • Audi Pre Sense Basic
  • Longitudinal Dynamic Function
  • Transverse Dynamics Function
  • Pre Sense Plus
  • Data Bus Networking
  • Airbag and Pyrotechnic System Precautions
  • Special Handling
  • Special Procedures
  • Special Tools
  • VAS 5056

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 52

Self Study Program 970133 – Audi Occupant Protection Systems