Self Study Program 942600 – Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis

VAG SSP 942600 – Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis PDF. After studying this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to diagnose computer control system failures using the VAG-1551 scan tool.
  • Demonstrate how to navigate your way through a diagnostic procedure, using the VAG-1551 and your shop repair manual.
  • Explain how the control systems operate, and how the VAG-1551 scan data relates to those systems.
  • Demonstrate how to use the VAG-1551 to isolate specific problems in the various control systems.
  • Explain how to analyze customer complaints, and identify likely sources of the complaints.


  • Program Objectives and Goals
  • Introduction to VAG-1551 diagnostics
  • Module 1: VAG Menu Navigation, Computer Software and Coding, and Diagnostic Trouble Code Repair Procedures
    • Module 1 Objectives and Goals
    • VAG-1551 Menu Structure
    • Readiness codes and trip status
    • Computer Coding
    • Diagnostic Procedure
    • Output Diagnostic Testing
  • Module 2; Sensor Circuit Testing and Diagnosis
    • Module 2 Objectives and Goals
    • Diagnostic Procedure; Sensor Testing
    • System Adaptation
  • Module 3: On-Board Diagnostic Systems, including OBD-II
    • Module 3 Objectives and Goals
    • OBD-I and OBD-II
    • OBD-II Freeze Frame
    • Trip Status Failure
  • Module 4: No Code Diagnostics and Oxygen Sensor Analysis
    • Module 4 Objectives and Goals
    • No Code Diagnostics: System Authority
    • Oxygen Sensor Signal Analysis
  • Module 5: Emissions and Performance Control
    • Module 5 Objectives and Goals
    • The Emissions Triangle
    • The Mixture Matrix
    • Fuel Trim
    • EGR System Operation
    • Emission Failures
    • Converter Testing
  • Module 6: Diagnostic Tips
    • Module 6 Objectives and Goals

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 113

Self Study Program 942600 – Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis