Self Study Program 921103 – The 3.0L V6 Engine

VAG SSP 921103. The Self-Study Program provides you with information regarding designs and functions. The new Audi 3.0L V6 is not only powerful and responsive, it is one of the most modern engines available in a production automobile.

The New Audi 3.0-Liter V6 Engine

Audi introduces another top-of-the-line engine with the launch of the 3.0L V6. This new engine design offers high performance without sacrificing exhaust emissions quality or fuel economy.

3.0L V6 Features and Innovations

  • Aluminum cylinder block manufactured using the patented Cosworth rollover casting process — a technique used for the manufacture of race car engines.
  • Light-weight smooth-skirt pistons are designed to reduce oscillating mass.
  • Plastic two-position variable intake manifold reduces engine mass and provides ample torque over a broad engine speed range with maximum power available at high rpm.
  • Dual overhead camshafts with continuously variable intake camshaft
    adjustment and two-position exhaust camshaft adjustment boost power output and torque, and ensure compliance with exhaust emissions standards.
  • Five-valve-per-cylinder technology ensures optimum flow of the fuel-air mixture and exhaust gases to keep fuel consumption and exhaust emissions low.
  • Balancer shaft is integrated with the oil pump into a single module located underneath the engine block in the sump, and provides for exceptional running smoothness.
  • Motronic ME 7.1.1 engine management system with “drive by wire” electronic throttle control for immediate response to driver input: accelerator pedal movement is
    transmitted to the engine management system instantly and without loss.
  • Mapped-characteristic ignition and solid-state high-tension distribution are exceptionally reliable and improve fuel mixture combustion.
  • Tubular air-gap-insulated exhaust manifolds lower weight, improve the noise pattern, quickly heat the catalytic converters to light-off temperature, and reduce heat transfer to the engine compartment.
  • Cylinder-bank-selective oxygen sensing, with two pre-converters close to the engine and two main catalytic converters farther back ensure long-term stability in exhaust emissions values and optimum back pressure in the exhaust.
  • Ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) certification confirms the Audi commitment to the environment.



  • Introduction
    • The New Audi 3.0-Liter V6 Engine
  • Engine — Mechanics
    • The Technical Data, Crankcase, Crankshaft, Balancer Shaft, Oil Circuit, Crankcase Breather, Cylinder Heads, Camshaft Toothed Belt Drive, Continuous Camshaft Adjustment
  • Engine — Multi-Port Fuel Injection
    • Air Intake, Variable Intake Manifold, Motronic ME 7.1.1 Engine Management System, ME 7.1.1 System Overview, ME 7.1.1 Functional Diagram
  • Engine — Exhaust System and Emission Controls
    • Vacuum Systems, Exhaust Manifolds, Catalytic Converters
  • Service
    • Special Tools
  • Teletest
    • Audi 3.0L V6 Engine Teletest

The Self-Study Program provides you with information regarding designs and functions.
The Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.
For maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 46

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