Self Study Program 92 – Skoda Citigo Vehicle presentation

VAG SSP 92. For the first time in its history, Škoda has now entered into the mini-car segment featuring their model Citigo, which is designated class A 00. The vehicle, which is especially suitable for city traffic, has a growing sales potential based on the current trend of expansion of towns and cities.

At the same time, the Citigo is Škoda’s brand new model which makes its debut as a 3-door version. It will be launched in a 5-door version at a later date.


  • 1. Škoda Citigo
  • 2. Vehicle dimensions
  • 3. Body
  • 4. Engines
  • 5. Fuel system
  • 6. Gearbox
  • 7. Chassis
  • 8. Brake system
  • 9. Seats
  • 10. Ventilation, heating, air conditioning system
  • 11. Luggage compartment
  • 12. Electrical systems
  • 13. Convenience
  • 14. Safety

You will find the instructions for the assembly, disassembly, repair and diagnosis as well as the detailed user information in the diagnosis units VAS and in the onboard literature.

The time for going to press was on the 11/2011.
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