Self Study Program 90 – Increase customer satisfaction with the CSS study

VAG SSP 90. This self-study programme explains the basic functioning of the CSS. It is shown here pragmatically, how a service operation integrates the CSS as a tool in the systematic improvement for increasing customer satisfaction. This is why you should already be familiar with the Skoda portal and its reporting method.

This self-study programme is aimed at the service management, because it is their responsibility to organise improvement measures. However, there is no doubt: Best quality of service and customer satisfaction are the goals of all employees in the service.

For this reason it is essential to involve all service employees in the planning and implementation of improvement measures for customer satisfaction. We hope you will enjoy reading this self-study programme as well as learning from it and we wish you abundant success for its implementation in your company.


  • 1. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • 2. Model for the systematic improvement of customer satisfaction
  • 3. Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with the CSS
  • 4. Improvement of customer satisfaction as a continuous process
  • 5. Test your knowledge

The groups of persons mentioned in the self-study programme about organisation refer to both men and women. For reasons of readability and simplicity, the feminine form has not been used.

The CSS instrument is explained as much as possible, regardless of certain forms of representation. Layout, structure and navigation of the CSS portal change over time, however the basic functioning remains the same. If screenshots from the CSS portal are shown in this self-study programme, they only serve to illustrate particular aspects of the CSS analysis, but do not explain the work with the portal.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 60

Self Study Program 90 – Increase customer satisfaction with the CSS study PDF free online