Self Study Program 880153 – The Heat Pump from Volkswagen

VAG SSP 880153. Heat pump technology has been used in buildings for many years to reduce heating and cooling costs. At Volkswagen, this efficient technology is being used to produce heat in the e-Golf.

The heat pump system is a refrigerant circuit that is made up of numerous components. In this SSP, we will simply call it the heat pump.

In cars with an internal combustion engine, the heat produced by the engine can be used to heat the passenger compartment. Electrically driven vehicles, however, do not produce enough thermal energy to heat the vehicle interior.

Using a heat pump allows the heat from the outside air and the heat produced by the drive components to heat the vehicle interior As a result, less battery power is required by the electrical high-voltage heater, reducing energy consumption. The range of the e-Golf with a heat pump is 30% greater with a heat pump than without one.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Principle of the Heat Pump
  • The Heat Pump in the e-Golf
  • Components
  • Function of the Heat Pump
  • System Overview
  • Service
  • Knowledge Assessment

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Pages: 34

Self Study Program 880153 – The Heat Pump from Volkswagen