Self Study Program 87 – Immobiliser in Skoda vehicles

VAG SSP 87. In the event that the immobiliser system detects an unauthorised operation of the vehicle, the engine switches off, the ignition is interrupted and the fuel injection will not take place. In contrast, when the immobiliser “acknowledges” an authorised operation of the control units, in turn the vehicle can be started.


The immobiliser fitted to the current vehicles is a standard electronic device, which protects the vehicle against unauthorised starting of the vehicle.


  • Introduction
  • Generations of immobilisers
    • Differences between the generations of immobilisers
    • Generations of immobilisers fitted to individual vehicles
  • 4th generation of immobiliser
    • System components
    • Structure of the individual system elements
  • 4th generation of immobiliser – on-line
    • Features of the system
    • Central database FAZIT
    • Replacement and adaptation of the system components

You will find the instructions for the assembly and disassembly, repair, diagnostics and detailed user information in the workshop manuals, the diagnostic units VAS and in the onboard literature.

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