Self Study Program 842003 – Motronic ME 7 Engine

Volkswagen has used a variety of fuel injection systems in production vehicles for over 30 years. From the first D-Jetronic systems of the 1968, to the most current Motronic system for 2000 and beyond, each system has always been on the forefront of technology.

As a result, Volkswagen vehicles run cleanly and efficiently, resulting in lower exhaust emissions. The combination of ME 7 technology and Volkswagen engineering ensures Volkswagen will continue to surpass the current technology.

This course is an operational overview of the ME 7 system, introducing the technician to the operating principles of the Motronic ME 7 engine management system.

Course Goals

  • Introduce and define torque-based system architecture
  • Explain electronic throttle control functions
  • Detail component changes associated with the ME 7 system


  • Motronic ME 7, introduction
    • Course goals
    • Progression of Volkswagen engine management
    • Torque management
  • ME 7 Architecture
    • Torque demands/requests
    • Effects of torque demands on engine torque
  • Pathways
    • Charge air path
    • Crank synchronous path
    • Primary functions of the Charge Air Path
    • Primary functions of the Crank Synchronous Path
  • System components
    • Inputs
    • Actuators
  • Application Summary
    • 1.8 liter 5V turbo, ME 7.5.1
    • 2.8 liter 5V V6 ME 7.1
    • 2.8 liter VR6 ME 7
    • 1.8 liter 5V Turbo (ME 7.1), overview
    • 2.8 liter VR6 (ME 7.1), overview
  • Electronic Throttle Control, function
    • Accelerator pedal module function
    • Emergency running modes, introduction
    • Throttle valve control module J338 function
    • Functional positions
    • Adaptation procedure
    • Throttle valve control module failures
    • Fault light for power accelerator activation K132
  • On Board Diagnostic (OBD), introduction
    • VAS 5051
    • VAG 1598/31
  • Teletest

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 32

Self Study Program 842003 – Motronic ME 7 Engine Management System PDF free online

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