Self Study Program 820233 – Basics of Electric Vehicles

VAG SSP 820233. Unlike vehicles with combustion engines, electric vehicles do not produce exhaust gases during operation. This alone makes electric vehicles more environmentally friendly than vehicles with conventional technology. However, the electrical energy for charging the vehicle does have to be produced from renewable sources, e.g. from wind, solar, hydroelectric or biogas power plants.

By combining different drive types, the overall efficiency of the vehicle can be improved and fuel consumption can be reduced.

The 2011 Touareg was the first Volkswagen vehicle with an electric hybrid drive. The new technology requires special training for handling and working on high-voltage vehicles. This self-study program describes the realistic hybrid and electromobility concepts and the basics of high-voltage qualification for service staff.


  • Introduction
  • Basics of Electromobility
  • Vehicle Concepts
  • High Voltage Safety
  • Service
  • Knowledge Assessment

This Self-Study Program provides information regarding the design and function of new models. This Self-Study Program is not a Repair Manual.

This information will not be updated. For maintenance and repair procedures, always refer to the latest electronic service information.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 62

Self Study Program 820233 – Basics of Electric Vehicles PDF free online