Self Study Program 82 – Sensors in Skoda vehicles

VAG SSP 82. This brochure provides the user with theoretical information as well as practical information, where the measured variables and their measurement principles are described. Thus, it provides a complete overview of senders used in a particular unit and can at the same time be issued for all series type vehicles. New trends in the automotive industry require new modern technologies with high reliability, low production cost, miniaturization and high accuracy with minimal delay time.

The ever-increasing demands placed on vehicles are closely associated with the dynamic development of electronics and advanced technologies. There are new control and regulating functions available not only for the control of the engine and the chassis, but also in terms of security and comfort of the occupants. In connection herewith new electronic elements, called senders, measure scalar physical quantities and vector quantities. The main requirement here is that the signals from these senders and sensors are evaluated and processed within a very short time. The vehicle is therefore capable to react to outside influences in real-time or resolve crisis situations.

Or, in contrast, the code of the individual sender can be used in order to identify the unit or type of vehicle in which the sender is installed.


  • Introduction
  • Vehicle sensors
    • Term, definition, use of vehicles
    • Classification
    • Main requirements, trends
  • Position sender (path, angle)
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Throttle valve position sender
    • Control-collar position sensor HDK
    • Fuel gauge sender
    • Accelerator pedal position sender
  • Rev counter and speedometer
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Inductive engine speed sender
    • Speed sender and incremental turning angle sensor DWS
    • Hall phase sensor
    • Gearbox speed sensor RSS
    • Needle lift sender
    • Inductive sensor for transistorised ignition
    • Hall sender for transistorised ignition
  • Vibration sensors
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Electrical signal evaluation
    • Piezoelectric knock sensors
  • Pressure sender
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Thick-film pressure sensors
    • Micromechanical pressure sensors
    • High-pressure sender
  • Flow meter
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Hot-wire air-mass meter HLM
    • Hot-film air-mass meter HFM2
    • Hot-film air-mass meter HFM5
  • Gas sensors, concentration meter
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
    • Air quality sensors
    • Snap-action lambda probe
    • Planar lambda probes
  • Temperature sensor
    • Measured properties, measurement principles
  • Data processing, diagnostics
    • Onboard computer, control unit
    • Diagnostic units
  • Summary tables
    • Engine equipment
    • Overview of the sensors – ENGINE
    • Overview of the sensors – GEARBOX

You will find the instructions for the assembly and disassembly, repair, diagnostics and detailed user information in the workshop
manuals, the diagnostic unit VAS 505x and in the onboard literature.

The time for going to press was on the 12/2009.
This brochure is not subject to update.

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Format: PDF
Pages: 60

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