Self Study Program 811213 – The High-Voltage System in the ID.4

VAG SSP 811213. The high-voltage system in the ID.4 is completely redesigned to integrate seamlessly with the MEB platform architecture. The battery is a part of the vehicle chassis, mounted low in the vehicle to provide a lower center of gravity.

The ID.4 will initially be offered with an 82 kWh (gross) battery and a rear-mounted motor with 201 horsepower and 228 pound-feet of torque. Prior to launch, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated 250 miles of range on ID.4 1st Edition and ID.4 Pro 82 kWh rear-wheel-drive models on a single battery charge. An all-wheel-drive version with 302 hp will follow later in 2021.

At market introduction the ID.4 will be equipped with a 82 kWh battery. A 62 kWh variant will be available later. The 82 kWh battery has 288 cells in 12 modules. It is housed in a lightweight aluminum structure that is bolted to the body of the ID.4, helping to improve rigidity.

The ID.4 can be charged with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) fast-charging capability. The onboard charger allows the ID.4 to charge the battery up to 33 miles in about one hour, and charges to full in around seven and a half hours at a home or public Level 2 charger. At a DC fast-charging station, with 125 kW charging, the ID.4 can go from five to 80 percent charged in about 38 minutes.


  • Introduction
  • High-voltage System Overview
  • Wiring and Connector Concept
  • High-voltage System Components
  • Thermal Management
  • High-voltage Safety Concept
  • Driving Mode Selection

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Self Study Program 811213 – The High-Voltage System in the ID.4