Self Study Program 81 – Bluetooth in SKODA cars

VAG SSP 81. This technology was developed in Sweden by the company Ericsson and other interest groups in the year 1998. The designation (blue tooth – engl. Bluetooth) emphasizes the high proportion of Scandinavian companies involved in the development of the Bluetooth technology (commonly abbreviated as BT).

Who does not know about the Vikings?

The warriors baptized amidst the storm sailed their warships across the open sea. With the invasion of England, they held the old world in suspense for about 250 years as of the year 793 AD.

However, what does this have to do with the modern Bluetooth communication?

Nevertheless, such a connection exists, as the name is a small homage to the Viking ruler Harald I Bluetooth Gormson by the developer of the Bluetooth software. This Viking ruler accelerated the Danish and later the Norwegian Christianization and the unit cation of the north. He was considered a very communicative person.


  • Basic information
    • Application, development and future of Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth function
  • Hardware components
    • How to recognize devices that are prepared for the Bluetooth communication?
    • Bluetooth profiles
    • Bluetooth mobile radio telephones provided by Skoda
    • Mobile radio telephone preinstallation
    • UHV control unit
    • Holders for mobile radio telephones
    • Antenna concept
    • Skoda radios and navigation systems with Bluetooth support
  • Telephone preinstallation High +/GSM II
  • Telephone preinstallation Premium/GSM III
  • Possibilities of the mobile phone operation
    • Operation by means of the dash panel insert
    • Operation by means of the multi-function steering wheel
    • Operation by means of the radio or navigation system
    • Voice control of the mobile phone
  • Networking between Bluetooth devices
    • Activation of the Bluetooth interface (interface) on the mobile radio telephone
    • Visibility of the devices for the networking process
    • Visibility of the mobile radio telephone preinstallation UHV Low GSM II – up to 52/08 – only Škoda Superb
    • Visibility of the mobile radio telephone preinstallation GSM III and GSM II as of 52/08
  • First connection via Bluetooth
    • Connection to the mobile phone preinstallation “High +”
    • Connection to the mobile phone preinstallation “Premium”
  • Acoustic systems, interruption of the connection
    • Additional Bluetooth audio communication systems
    • Interruption of the Bluetooth connection
  • Service
    • Tips for customers
    • Notes – Service
    • Scheme of the service procedure
  • Defining dictionary
  • Notes

You will find the notes for the assembly and disassembly, repair, diagnostics as well as detailed user information in the workshop
manuals, the diagnostic unit VAS 505x and in the onboard literature.
The time for going to press was on the 12/2009. This brochure is not subject to an update.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

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