Self Study Program 70 – All-wheel drive with Haldex coupling Generation IV

VAG SSP 70. Since 2008, the four-wheel drive system has been implemented in all Skoda vehicles based on the Haldex Generation IV coupling . This new generation of the all-wheel drive clutch was incorporated for the first time in the Skoda Octavia II.

The Haldex Generation IV coupling is exclusively electronically controlled, so that each random drive torque can build up independently of slip at any time. Thus, the distribution of the drive torque between the front and rear axle is variable and is dependent upon the driving style or the driving situation. The clutch can transfer up to 50% of the drive torque to the rear axle in the event of an extremely high wheel slip at the front axle or due to the current driving situation.

The new generation of the Haldex coupling ensures an optimum transfer of the driving force onto the roadway.


  • Brief
  • The drive train of the all-wheel drive
    • The angular gearbox
    • The propshaft
    • The rear flexible disc
    • The centre joint
    • The rear wheel drive
  • The Haldex coupling in detail
    • The Haldex Generation IV coupling
    • The control unit for Haldex coupling J492
  • Control of the Haldex coupling
    • The oil circuit
    • Driving situations
  • System overview
  • Function diagram
  • Service
    • Diagnosis
    • Function test of the Haldex coupling
    • Service information

For the instructions concerning the installation, removal, repair, diagnosis as well as the detailed user information, please refer to the ELSA system, the diagnosis unit VAS 505x and the onboard literature.
The time for going to press was on the 01/2009.
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