Self Study Program 69 – 3.6L 191kW FSI petrol engine

VAG SSP 69. In the Škoda Superb belongs to the VR family of engines based on its design. Compared to a traditional V-engine, a compact and space saving design is obtained through its reduced cylinder bank angle. This design enables to insert the engine crosswise in the vehicle.

The VR engines distinguish themselves by their compactness for a wide range of applications.

The 3.6 ltr. FSI engine, which is offered in the Škoda vehicles, is the latest representative of the VR engine series.

The engine has improved performance parameters and a dynamic torque course due to it large displacement combined with the conversion to the FSI direct injection.

The current emission standard EU4 plus can be fulfilled at the same time by using the FSI direct injection technology.


  • Introduction
  • Engine mechanical components
    • The cylinder block
    • The crank assembly
    • The cylinder head
    • The camshaft adjustment
    • The internal exhaust gas recirculation
    • The crankcase ventilation
    • The intake manifold
    • The chain drive
    • The vacuum pump
    • The V-ribbed belt drive
    • The oil circulation system
    • The cooling circuit
    • The exhaust system
  • The fuel system
    • The high-pressure fuel pump
    • The injection valves
  • Engine management
    • The sensors
    • The actuators
    • The control units in the CAN data bus
    • Function diagram

For the instructions concerning the installation, removal, repair, diagnosis as well as the detailed user information, please refer to the ELSA system, the diagnosis unit VAS 505x and the onboard literature.

The time for going to press was on the 11/2008.
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