Self Study Program 68 – 1.4 CAXC 92kW TSI petrol engine with turbocharging

VAG SSP 68. Maximum force for minimum fuel consumption – these are the main highlights of the 1.4 ltr. TSI engine. By way of the downsizing concept, turbocharging and direct fuel injection, the customer’s demands were met and an engine with better driving dynamics and lower fuel consumption was developed.

The 1.4 ltr. TSI engine is the first engine of Skoda vehicles which operates according to the downsizing concept.

The basic idea of the downsizing concept is to reduce the displacement, however not to impair the engine performance. The efficiency stage of the engine is increased by reducing the displacement because the friction losses are decreased in this way. Furthermore, the engines have a lower overall weight and therefore also a reduced rotating mass.

The engines which operate according to the downsizing concept must therefore only move a reduced mass which results in a lower fuel consumption and at the same time lower exhaust emissions.


  • Introduction
  • Engine mechanical components
    • The cylinder block
    • The cylinder head
    • The crank assembly
    • The intake system
    • The intake manifold with the charge air cooler
    • The single-stage supercharging with exhaust turbocharger
    • The cooling systems
    • The charge air cooling
  • The fuel system
    • Injection valves
    • High-pressure fuel pump
  • Engine management
    • The system overview
    • The sensors
    • The actuators
    • The function diagram
  • Remarks

You will find the instructions for the installation, removal, repair, diagnosis as well as the detailed user information in the repair manual, the diagnosis unit VAS 505x, in the onboard literature and the ELSA system.
The time for going to press was on the 07/2008.
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Self Study Program 68 – 1.4 CAXC 92kW TSI petrol engine with turbocharging PDf free online