Self Study Program 669 – Audi A7 (type 4K)

VAG SSP 669 – Audi A7 (Type 4K): A Sporty and Intuitive Gran Turismo Model with Advanced Technologies. Self Study Program 669 covers the Audi A7 (Type 4K), a sporty and intuitive Gran Turismo model that impresses with its progressiveness, sportiness, intuitiveness, and quality. The A7’s wider low-set radiator grille and athletic lines exude sportiness and progressiveness, with flared wheel arches hinting at its quattro genes.

The interior features two intuitive touch displays embedded beautifully in the dash panel, with the full range of Audi connect services adopted from the Audi A8 to make the A7 a fully networked Gran Turismo model. With 39 driver assist systems, the A7 is a perfect companion on the road, based on mild hybrid technology for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Self Study Program 669 provides a detailed look at the design and function of the Audi A7 (Type 4K), making it a valuable resource for technicians and enthusiasts interested in understanding the advanced capabilities and design elements of Audi’s latest Gran Turismo model. The program covers the engines available at market launch, the 48 Volt electrical system, new running gear features, new power transmission features, and new features of the infotainment systems.

With its sporty design, intuitive technology, and advanced driver assist systems, the Audi A7 (Type 4K) is a versatile and dynamic Gran Turismo model that offers both style and functionality. Its use of mild hybrid technology and fully networked capabilities make it a modern and efficient vehicle, while its driver assist systems provide safety and convenience on the road.


  • Introduction
    • Presentation
    • Dimensions
  • Body
    • Overview
    • Body structure
    • Body assembly
  • Power units
    • Petrol engine / diesel engine
    • Engine/gearbox combinations
    • Fuel tank
    • SCR system (selective catalytic reduction)
    • Exhaust system
  • Power transmission
    • Overview
    • Drive versions
    • Gearbox functions – Automatic gearbox
    • 7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0HL
    • Selector mechanism for automatic gearbox
    • Parking lock manual release
  • Running gear
    • Overview
    • Axles and wheel alignment
    • Adaptive air suspension
    • Electronic damping control
    • Steering system
    • Brake system
    • Wheels and tyres
  • Electrics and electronics
    • Introduction
    • Electrical system
    • Networking
    • Topology
    • Control units
    • Exterior lighting
    • Interior lighting
  • Air conditioning
    • Overview
  • Safety and driver assist systems
    • Passive safety
    • Active safety
    • Sensors
    • Driver assist systems
    • Driver assist systems control unit J1121
  • Infotainment and Audi connect
    • Introduction and overview of versions
    • Networking
    • Emergency call module control unit and communication unit J949
    • Sound
    • Aerials
  • Inspection and maintenance
    • Overview
  • Appendix
    • Self-study programmes

This self-study programme teaches a basic knowledge of the design and functions of new models, new vehicle Note components or new technologies.
It is not a Workshop Manual. Any figures given here are for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of writing.
Content is not updated.
It is essential that you refer to the latest technical literature when carrying out maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 124

Self Study Program 669 – Audi A7 (type 4K)