Self Study Program 668 – Audi A8 (type 4N) driver assistance systems

VAG SSP 668 – Audi A8 (Type 4N) Driver Assistance Systems: Innovations and Advancements in Sensor Technology. Self Study Program 668 covers the driver assistance systems of the Audi A8 (Type 4N), the innovative successor to the successful 4th generation A8. Each new model of the A8 introduces innovative solutions and new automotive systems, broadening the spectrum of driver assistance systems and extending the range of situations in which drivers are assisted by cutting-edge technology.

The 5th generation of the Audi A8 includes new features such as intersection assist and adaptive cruise assist, which provide longitudinal and lateral control assistance over a continuous speed range from 0 to 250 kph. The new laser scanner, located at the front end of the vehicle, enhances the performance of existing systems by precisely surveying the area in front of the vehicle.

The Audi A8 (Type 4N) utilizes a central driver assistance systems control unit (J1121) for the first time at Audi, which acts as the master control unit for multiple assistance systems. Several sensors are connected directly to the control unit, with sensor data processed in control unit J1121. This allows for high-quality data on the area around the vehicle, improving the performance of driver assistance systems.

Self Study Program 668 provides a detailed look at the driver assistance systems of the Audi A8 (Type 4N), making it a valuable resource for technicians and enthusiasts interested in understanding the innovative solutions and advancements in sensor technology of Audi’s latest flagship model. The program covers intersection assist, adaptive cruise assist, the new laser scanner, and the central driver assistance systems control unit (J1121).

With its advanced driver assistance systems and innovative solutions, the Audi A8 (Type 4N) is a luxurious and safe sedan that offers both style and performance. Its use of cutting-edge technology and advanced sensor systems make it a modern and efficient vehicle, while its driver assist systems provide safety and convenience on the road.


  • New driver assistance systems for longitudinal and lateral control
    • New structure
  • Active lane departure warning
    • Switching on and off
    • Displays
    • Master control unit
  • Adaptive cruise assist
    • Introduction
    • Displays and operation
  • Longitudinal control
    • Overview
    • Predictive efficiency assist
  • Lateral control
    • New features of the vehicle’s lateral control function
    • Functional configuration and sensors required
    • Control units affiliated to adaptive cruise assist
  • Emergency assist
    • Function
    • Time sequence of active emergency assist processes
    • Time sequences of emergency assist processes during vehicle operation without assist systems activated
    • Time sequence of emergency assist processes when driving with adaptive cruise assist
  • Parking systems
    • Parking system plus
    • Park assist
    • Reversing camera
    • 3rd generation surround view cameras
  • Profile master for driver assistance systems
    • Structure
    • Operating concept
    • System configuration
  • 2nd generation matrix LED main beam assist
    • Operating the system and setting options
    • Additional functions
    • System networking
  • 3rd generation camera-based traffic sign recognition system
    • Redesigned speed warning
    • No entry warning
    • New features in the US and Canadian markets
    • Overview of selected traffic signs
  • Rear radar based driver assistance systems
    • New features of side assist
    • Turn-off assist function of side assist
    • Use of turn-off assist in further traffic scenarios
    • New features of the exit warning system
    • New features of cross-traffic assist
  • Intersection assist
    • Functional description
    • Intersection assist sensors
    • Warnings of intersection assist
    • System networking
  • Driver assistance systems control unit J1121
    • Control unit versions
    • Installation location of the control unit
    • The driver assistance systems control unit J1121 and its sensors
    • Driver assistance systems control unit J1121 – Version A0
    • Driver assistance systems control unit J1121 – Version A
    • Driver assistance systems control unit J1121 – Version B
    • Driver assistance systems control unit J1121 – Version C
  • Control unit for laser distance control J1122 (laser scanner)
    • Design and function
    • Service operations
  • ACC control unit J428
    • Design and function
    • Operation and driver information
    • Service operations
  • Appendix
    • Test your knowledge
    • Self study programmes

The Self Study Programme teaches a basic understanding of the design and mode of operation of new models, new automotive components or new technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual! Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of preparation of the SSP. This content is not updated.
For further information about maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 84

Self Study Program 668 – Audi A8 (type 4N) driver assistance systems