Self Study Program 663 – Audi A8 (type 4N) Running gear

VAG SSP 663. The suspension for the A8 (type 4N) has been redesigned, with new technologies and control systems to achieve even greater levels of comfort, dynamics and safety. All of the available suspension options include air suspension with electronic damping control. The front and rear axles each consist of a responsive, high-precision five-link construction made in large part out of aluminium.

Progressive steering, included in the standard vehicle equipment, reduces the amount of steering effort required. Optional dynamic steering, offered by Audi here for the first time, combines dynamic steering with rear wheel steering. This system enhances certain essential subjective and objective dynamic characteristics of the driving experience.

The generously proportioned brake system offers substantial performance reserves for any driving situation.  A ceramic brake system is available as optional equipment. The 9th generation ESC system provides high-performance stability control for the vehicle. A wide range of steering wheels, wheels and tyres is available for further customisation. With the Audi A8 (type 4N), ACC is included for the first time in the new driver assist system “adaptive cruise assist”. For further information, please refer to self-study programme 668.

Audi A8 (type 4N) vehicles are equipped exclusively with running gear versions with quattro four-wheel drive. The following running gear versions are available:

  • Running gear with air suspension and damping control (adaptive air suspension, 1BK)
    This running gear version is part of the standard equipment.
  • Running gear with air suspension and damping control (adaptive air suspension sport, 2MA). This running gear version is available as optional equipment. The suspension and damping are regulated for a more dynamic driving experience.


  • Axles
    • Front axle
    • Rear axle
    • Wheel alignment and adjustment
  • Steering system
    • Overview
    • System components
  • Dynamic all-wheel steering
    • Overview
    • Basic function
    • Functions for particular driving situations
    • Operation and warning/indicator lamps
    • System response to faults
    • Service operations
  • Brake system
    • Brake system, front axle
    • Brake system, rear axle
    • Brake servo
    • Electromechanical parking brake (EPB)
    • ESC
  • Adaptive air suspension
    • Overview
    • Air supply unit
    • Air spring strut, front axle
    • Air spring strut, rear axle
    • Accumulator
    • Vehicle level senders
    • System response to faults
    • Service operations
  • Wheels and tyres
    • Overview
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
    • Design and function
    • Operation and driver information
    • Service operations

The self-study programme provides basic information on the design and function of new vehicle models, components or new technologies.
It is not a Workshop Manual. Any figures given here are for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of writing. Content is not updated.
It is essential that you refer to the latest technical literature when carrying out maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 28

Self Study Program 663 – Audi A8 (type 4N) Running gear