Self Study Program 642 – Front final drive 0D4 in the Audi R8 (type 4S)

VAG SSP 642. This self study programme provides you with information about front final drive 0D4. Final drive 0D4 is used in an Audi for the first time in the Audi R8 (type 4S) and is a key component of the newly developed quattro powertrain for this vehicle.

The quattro powertrain of the Audi R8 has the ability to adapt drive output (depending on driving situation and weather) to driving conditions, and to transfer up to 100 % to the front or rear axle. This gives better vehicle acceleration, provides good driving dynamics and improves driving stability.

This distribution of drive torque or drive power is made possible by the electro-hydraulically operated all-wheel drive clutch in final drive 0D4.

Learning objectives of this self study programme:

Once you have completed this self study programme you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How is front final drive 0D4 designed and how does it work?
  • How do the software-assisted gearbox functions influence operation of the final drive and the vehicle.
  • What are the service guidelines for maintenance intervals and brake dynamometers?

Audi drive select allows the driver to control the all-wheel drive clutch, and thus the distribution of torque and drive power between the front and rear axles.

In addition, the optional performance mode of Audi drive select enables the all-wheel drive control unit to be adapted to the road conditions “dry”, “wet” and “snow” for the first time. This means that the driver can configure the all-wheel drive control unit for extremely short reaction times.

Final drive 0D4, in conjunction with Audi drive select, 7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0BZ (S tronic) and the high-performance 10-cylinder engines, enhances the Audi R8 driving experience in terms of power transmission.


  • System description
    • Distribution of drive power
    • Front axle lead
  • Component overview
  • Cutaway view of gearbox
    • Longitudinal section A-A
    • Front view
  • Gearbox oil supplies
    • Axle oil (MTF) supply
    • Haldex oil supply
    • Oil deterioration
    • Changing the oil
  • All-wheel drive clutch
    • Oil supply, lubrication and clutch cooling
    • Clutch control
  • Cooling
    • Cooling circuit
  • Function diagram
  • All-wheel drive control unit J492
  • Sensors and actuators
    • Hydraulic pressure sensor for all-wheel drive G942
    • Haldex clutch pump V181
  • Audi drive select
  • Operating situations
    • Launch control program
    • Torque vectoring
    • Coasting mode
  • Service
    • Using the diagnostic tester
    • Maintenance and change intervals
    • Brake test
    • Towing
    • Gearbox warning lights
    • Limp-home concept
  • Appendix
    • Test your knowledge

The Self Study Programme teaches a basic knowledge of the design and mode of operation of new models, new automotive components or new technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual! Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of preparation of the SSP. This content is not updated.
For further information on maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 28

Self Study Program 642 – Front final drive 0D4 in the Audi R8 (type 4S) PDF free online