Self Study Program 639 – Audi 1.0L 3-cylinder TFSI engine EA211 series

VAG SSP 639. This self study programme describes the design and function of the 1.0l 3-cylinder TFSI engine. The technical description of the engine in this SSP refers to the Audi A1. The new 1.0l 3-cylinder TFSI engine by Audi represents the next stage in the evolution of the EA211 series.

First used in the VW Polo, the engine developed by VW in Wolfsburg is the new entry-level option for the 2015 model Audi A1. It replaces the 1.2l engine of the EA111 series. The engine has more power and achieves better fuel economy than the outgoing unit while meeting the EU 6 emission standard.

The new engine is not only about 15 kg lighter than the 1.2l engine from the same series, but also produces less internal friction. The initial engine develops 70 kW (95 BHP). Further performance classes will be offered at a later date. Audi also plans to use this engine on its A3 models.

For the first time, Audi is offering a 3-cylinder petrol engine. Although 3-cylinder engines already existed back in the days of Auto Union, they were twin-stroke engines. The last  production passenger car to feature these engines was the DKW F 102 produced in 1966. Its engine had a displacement of 1.2 l and developed 44 kW (60 BHP). Up until 1988, engines of this type were installed on the Wartburg 353 in the former GDR.

Learning objectives of this self study programme:

Once you have completed this self study programme you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How do the engine mechanicals work?
  • How are the lubrication, cooling, turbocharging, fuel, fuel injection, exhaust and ignition systems configured?


  • Introduction
    • Brief technical description
    • Specifications
  • Engine mechanicals
    • Modular design
    • Crankcase ventilation, activated charcoal system
    • Engine block and oil pan
    • Crankshaft drive
    • Belt-drive system
    • Cylinder head
    • Valvegear module
  • Oil supply
    • Introduction
    • Oil circuit
    • Oil pump
    • Oil pressure control
  • Cooling system
    • Introduction
    • Coolant circulation
    • System overview
    • Thermostat
    • Coolant pump
  • Air supply and turbocharging
    • Overview
    • Exhaust turbocharger
    • Charge pressure actuator V465
  • Fuel system
    • System overview
    • Ignition
  • Engine management system
    • System overview (2015 model Audi A1)
    • Lambda control
  • Service
    • Special tools and workshop equipment
    • Maintenance operations
  • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • Self study programmes

The Self Study Programme teaches a basic knowledge of the design and mode of operation of new models, new automotive components or new technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual! Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of preparation of the SSP. This content is not updated.
For further information on maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 36

Self Study Program 639 – Audi 1.0l 3-cylinder TFSI engine EA211 series PDF free online