Self Study Program 63 – Skoda Roomster Presentation of the vehicle part II

VAG SSP 63 . Škoda Roomster brings many new elements and solutions to vehicles in the category of the MPV. Its interior, divided in „Driving room“, the driver and front passenger compartment, and „Living room“, a variable area for the passengers and the luggage, creates an independent ambiance on each of the five seats.

The driver and front passenger are seated safely at the front in a dynamic cockpit and it does not occur to them that they are sitting in a car, which is classified as outdated and awkward according to the present standards of the vehicle class.

Behind the front seats however another world begins. A generously measured „habitat“ is at the disposal of the passengers, which can be adapted easily and fast to the individual
needs if required.


  • Chassis
    • Front axle
    • Rear axle
    • Steering
    • Brake system
    • Brake assignment
  • Occupant protection
    • Airbag system
    • Restraint and safety systems
  • Heating and air conditioning system
    • Air distribution in the vehicle
    • Climatronic, Climatic
    • Heating and fresh air system
    • Dust and odour filter
  • Interior
    • Rear seats – VarioFlex
  • Electrical System
    • The CAN data bus / The LIN data bus – network concept
    • System of swivelling headlights
    • Multi-functional module below the steering wheel
    • Daylight function
    • Tyre pressure monitor
    • Instrument cluster
    • Car radios
    • Two-way radio navigation system

You will find instructions for the assembly, disassembly, repairs, diagnostics and detailed user information in the service manuals, in the diagnosis unit VAS 5051/5052 and in the on-board manual.
Time of going to press 05/06. This brochure is not subject to the update.

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