Self Study Program 624 – Fourth-generation Audi 3.0L V6 TFSI engine EA837 (evo)

VAG SSP 624. This self study programme describes the design and function of the fourth-generation 3.0l V6 TFSI engine (evo).

2004 marked the launch of the first V6 engine with petrol direct injection, the 3.2l FSI. This was followed in 2006 by the first representative with the Audi valve lift system and regulated oil pump. 2008 marked the rollout of the 3.0 l TFSI, the first Audi V6 engine with direct injection and supercharging. It was used in a number of model series beginning with the Audi S4.

The engine was once again radically reworked as the fourthgeneration 3.0l V6 TFSI EA837 (evo). Power and torque are unchanged, as are the dynamic power delivery.

As with the previous engine, the new engine takes approximately 0.3 seconds to reach full intake manifold pressure. This short time span makes for convincing and near-instant throttle response. Activating the supercharger does not involve any loss of throttle response either.

In comparison with the third-generation 3.0l V6 TFSI engine, the CO2 emissions of the Audi A8 were reduced from 205 to 183 g/km (10 %). Fuel consumption was reduced from 8.8 to 7.8 litres per 100 km.

The third-generation 3.0l V6 TFSI engine was revised with the aim of significantly improving fuel economy while retaining all the desirable characteristics of the previous engine. This was achieved by making the modifications listed below.

  • Friction in the base engine was reduced by 9 % by utilising
  • an improved chain drive
  • an optimised piston ring assembly with reduced preload force, better volumetric efficiency and lower oil consumption
  • enhanced camshaft bearings (finishing process)
  • A “supercharging on demand” solution for the mechanical charging system, achieved by introducing a magnetic clutch
  • A highly flexible fuel injection strategy allowing for a combination of high pressure injection and low pressure injection
  • A radically improved combustion process
  • Detailed enhancement of all components and systems relevant to fuel efficiency

Learning objectives of this self study programme:

Once you have completed this self study programme you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Which modifications were made compared with the third generation 3.0l V6 TFSI engine?
  • How does the supercharger shut-off function work?
  • How is the fuel injection system designed?
  • What are the differences in the oil supply and cooling system?


  • Introduction
    • Brief technical description
  • Engine mechanicals
    • Engine block and oil pan
    • Sealing flange with oil filter and motor oil cooler
    • Crankshaft drive
    • Positive crankcase ventilation
    • Vacuum supply system
    • Belt drive
    • Chain drive
    • Camshaft adjuster
    • Cylinder head
  • Oil supply
    • Introduction
    • Oil pump
    • Switchable oil cooler
    • Oil filter module
  • Air intake and turbocharger systems
    • Overview
    • Supercharger module (Roots blower)
    • Magnetic clutch for supercharger N421
    • Exhaust turbocharger speed sender 1 G688
  • Cooling system
    • Introduction
    • System overview
    • Switchable coolant pump
    • Thermostat
    • Motor oil cooler coolant shut-off valve
    • Electrical coolant pumps and coolant valve
  • Fuel system
    • Dual fuel injection system on engine
    • System overview
  • Engine management system
    • System overview (2014 model Audi A8)
    • Secondary air system
  • Service
    • Tools
    • Maintenance operations
  • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • Self study programmes
    • Information on QR codes

The Self Study Programme teaches a basic knowledge of the design and mode of operation of new models, new automotive components or new technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual! Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of preparation of the SSP. This content is not updated.
For further information on maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

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