Self Study Program 62 – Skoda Roomster Presentation of the vehicle part I

VAG SSP 62. The main highlights of the Skoda Roomster are its effective styling and absolutely practical design. It offers an elegant style from the front mask across the headlights up to the tailgate. The new design of dynamic radiator grille and main headlights give a personal note to the Roomster. Variability, lots of space and use-fullness are the characteristics which distinguish the Roomster. Comfortable seats, large windows, perfect view. Everything is done to create space, comfort and safety.

As comfortable as the interior is also the offer on petrol and diesel engines. The first-class chassis of the Roomster offers outstanding handling of your car and good use of the large interior.


  • Škoda Roomster
  • Vehicle dimensions
    • Outer dimensions
    • Interior dimensions
  • Body
    • Body characteristic
    • Modular platform concept of the ŠkodaRoomster
    • Structure of the body
    • Body variants
  • Engine/gearbox combinations
  • Engines
    • Petrol engines
    • Diesel engines
  • Transmission
    • Manual gearbox 02T and 02R
    • Automatic gearbox 09G
  • Fuel system
    • Fuel system – Petrol engines
    • Fuel system – Diesel engines
    • Unit injector with Piezo valve
  • Exhaust system
    • Exhaust system of diesel engines
    • Diesel particle filter without additive
  • Notes

You will find instructions for the assembly, disassembly, repairs, diagnostics and detailed user information in the service manuals, in the diagnosis unit VAS 5051/5052 and in the onboard manual.
Time of going to press 04/2006. This brochure is not subject to the update.

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