Self Study Program 613 – Audi R8 Power Transmission

VAG SSP 613. The Audi R8 sees Audi offering, for the first time, a high-performance sports car based on a mid-engine concept. The engine positioning fore of the rear axle helps to ensure a balanced weight distribution and a lowcentre of gravity. This basic configuration allows a high level of driving stability and good transverse acceleration.

Driving dynamics are further enhanced by the combination of a bespoke mid-engine concept and quattro all-wheel drive, with a strong emphasis being placed on sportiness and driving enjoyment.

Due to the mid-engine concept and the demands on driving dynamics, the quattro full-time all-wheel drive system in the Audi R8 has been implemented in a different way to previous Audi quattro drive systems.

In the case of the mid-engine concept with quattro all-wheel drive in the Audi R8, drive is transmitted dynamically to the front axle by means of a viscous coupling. Furthermore, a limited slip differential in the rear axle drive improves rear axle traction under high transverse acceleration.

When buying the Audi R8, the customer can elect to change gear manually using the 6-speed manual gearbox with double-plate dry clutch or to drive away and change gear fully automatically using the optional R tronic gearbox.

An innovative selector mechanism allows the driver to make the choice of driving in Automatic mode or changing gears manually. In addition, the driver can select Sport mode.

Want to fi nd out more about the technology behind this power transmission system? If so, read on and learn all you need to know about power transmission in the Audi R8.


  • Introduction
    • Mid-engine concept with quattro all-wheel drive
  • Selector mechanism
    • Selector mechanism – manual gearbox
    • Clutch pedal switch F36
    • Reversing lights switch F4
    • Selector mechanism – R tronic
    • Special aspects of operating R tronic
    • Operating noise of R tronic
  • Front axle drive 0AZ
    • Specifications
    • Viscous coupling
    • Lube oil supply
    • Operating instructions
  • Manual and automatic gearboxes
    • Sectional view of basic gearbox
    • Specifications
    • 6-speed manual gearbox 086
    • Automated 6-speed manual gearbox 086 – R tronic
    • Gear set – internal shift mechanism – synchromesh
    • Rear axle drivewith limited slip diff erential
    • Lube oil supply
    • Gear oil cooling
  • Clutch
    • Double plate clutch
    • Clutch control – manual gearbox
  • R tronic – hydraulic control unit
    • System overview
    • Hydraulic diagram
    • Selector mechanism – R tronic
    • Clutch control – clutch adaptation – measured values
    • Electro-hydraulic shift mechanism
    • S-CAM
    • Shift sequence – gear-changing
    • Basic setting – shift adaptation – self-diagnostics – measured data
    • Putting gearbox into neutral after certain system malfunctions
  • Electronic control unit
    • Automatic gearbox control unit J217
    • Basic settings – adaptations
    • Encode control unit
    • Functions – displays/warnings
    • Functions – ignition key removal lock
    • Functions – starter control unit
    • Function diagram
    • CAN information exchange
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
  • Service
    • Tow-starting/towing
  • Annex
    • Index
    • Test your knowledge (Part 1)
    • Test your knowledge (Part 2)

This self study programme teaches a basic knowledge of the design and functions of new models, new automotive components or new technologies.
It is not a repair manual. Figures are given for explanatory purposes only and refer to the data valid at the time of preparation of the SSP.
Always refer to the current technical literature when carrying out maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 76

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