Self Study Program 611 – Audi A3 2013 Vehicle Electronics and Driver Assistance Systems

VAG SSP 611. A special feature of the Audi A3 ’13 is the wide range of optional driver assistance systems previously exclusive to larger models. The third generation of the Audi A3 therefore leaves nothing to be desired as far as driver assistance systems are concerned.

The Audi parking system in the new generation of the A3 can now also be augmented with the reversing camera system and the Generation 2.0 park assist system. Park assist helps drivers to parallel and perpendicular park the vehicle by identifying suitable parking spots and displaying them in the instrument cluster. The system then takes over steering the car during the actual parking maneouvre, thus allowing drivers to park effortlessly in even the tightest of spaces. If required, the system also helps drivers to manoeuvre the vehicle out of parallel parking spaces.

Audi active lane assist is also available with the Audi A3 for the first time. It helps to ensure that drivers do not leave their lane accidentally. In addition to alerting the driver by making the steering wheel vibrate, Audi active lane assist also makes steering adjustments by applying steering torque directed towards the centre of the lane. These inputs are steering recommendations which the driver can override with little effort if desired.

Audi side assist complements the available range of driver assistance systems. It monitors the traffic in the left and right adjacent lanes and detects vehicles in the driver’s “blind spot” as well as vehicles  approaching from behind. If a hazard is detected, the driver is alerted by a warning light in the door mirror on the side of the vehicle where the hazard has been detected. If drivers activate a turn signal and so indicate to the system that they intend to move into an “occupied” lane, the warning light flashes brightly to alert them to the hazard.

The Audi A3 has an impressive range of optional light assist systems. In addition to the “digital” Headlight Assist system, which switches between high and low beams automatically, the intelligent light system is also available as an optional extra. Depending on the current traffic situation, this system  continuously adjusts the headlight range between high and low beam. A camera scans for oncoming traffic and  vehicles ahead and determines from the camera images the approximate distance to these vehicles. This distance value is utilised to adjust the headlight range in such a way that the lane is illuminated as best possible without dazzling oncoming traffic or vehicles ahead.

The camera-based traffic sign recognition system makes it debut in the Audi A3 ’13. An advanced version of the speed limit display, it detects both speed limits and overtaking bans and indicates these on the centre display in the instrument cluster. This is achieved using image processing software which scans for traffic signs in the images captured by the front camera. The system still uses the predictive route data of the navigation system, which also includes information on traffic signs.


  • Topology
    • Topology of the Audi A3 ’13
  • Vehicle electronics
    • Control unit in dash panel insert J285
    • Door electronics
    • Onboard power supply control unit J519
    • Electrical steering column lock control unit J764
    • Entry and start authorisation control unit J518
    • Advanced Key
    • Terminal management
    • Interior light
  • Driver assistance systems
    • Reversing camera
    • Park assist
    • Audi side assist
    • Front camera for driver assistance systems R242
    • Audi active lane assist
    • Camera-based traffic sign recognition
    • Headlight Assist
  • Test your knowledge

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