Self Study Program 61 – Satellite navigation system

VAG SSP 61. Today‘s traffic is characterized by a constantly rising traffic density. In many regions the road system is not developed at the same tempo as the traffic increases. This leads to increasing demands on the driver. He must concentrate at all times on the traffic, in order to react fast and correctly in each traffic condition. Unforeseeable events, such as accidents or road blocks additionally compel the driver to use alternative routes. The orientation up to the desired destination becomes thereby frequently the primary activity of the driver. He is thereby distracted from his actual task of driving.

The technology of today for the navigation equipment of vehicles enables the driver to be guided to the desired destination. The method of the satellite navigation, which was originally developed for military purposes, is used increasingly in many fields of the civilian sector due to its technical progress. Today we find these systems in many large series of manufactured vehicles.

Depending on the version, the navigation systems indicate to the driver the optimal route to the desired destination but also transmit information about the traffic condition and react to unforeseen events and thus contribute to the improvement of the driving convenience and to the increase of the road safety.


  • GPS satellite navigation system
  • Component parts of the GPS navigation system
  • Principles of the GPS navigation system
  • Malfunction of the satellite reception
  • Supplementary functions in the vehicle
  • Function description of the SNS
  • Installation of the SNS in Škoda vehicles
  • The components of the SNS
  • SNS in Škoda vehicles
  • Function overview
  • Technical specification
  • System overview

You will find instructions for installation and removal, repairs, diagnostics and a detailed Owner‘s Manual in the repair manuals, in the diagnostic unit VAS 5052/5051 and in the onboard literature.
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