Self Study Program 606 – Audi 1.8L and 2.0L TFSI engine

VAG SSP 606. This self-study program aims to familiarize yourself with the engine technical TFSI 4-cylinder EA888 engine line (3rd generation). Audi move to the third generation of its four engines EA888 success cylinders. The reasons for the new phase of development is emission standards more stringent (Euro 6) and, of course, consumption reduction requirements, accompanied by a reduction in CO emissions 2. The powertrain was in all respects redesigned from top to bottom.

In addition to downsizing the downspeeding * playing an increasing role. The “global engine” is produced at the factory Audi engines of Györ, Silao (Mexico) as well as in China. Here, the EA888 engine line is produced in Shanghai and Dalian will also subsequently produced in Changchun. Like its predecessor, the engine is available with a displacement of 1.8 l and a displacement of 2.0 liters. It is used on car  platforms and brands of the most diverse group. The range of engine performance is very broad.

Ingolstadt engineers have, during development, paid particular attention to the following points:

  • large number of identical parts for all engine versions
  • Reduction in engine weight
  • Reduction of engine internal friction
  • Increased power and torque accompanied by a reduction in consumption
  • Improved comfort features. In addition, the motors must be implemented in all markets, including those in fuel quality is poorer. The “global engine” also plays an important role for increasing hybridization.

You will find the precise technical description of engine development level 0 in the self-study program 384 “engine TFSI 4-cylinder 1.8l Audi chain drive.” You can notify you of changes between the development level 0 and 1 and 2 levels of development in the self-study program 436 “Changes to the engine TFSI 4-cylinder chain drive.”

New innovative technologies implemented are:

  • manifold integrated into the cylinder head exhaust
  • dual injection system with direct injection in the intake manifold
  • new compact turbocharger module with turbine housing cast iron, electric wastegate actuator and lambda probe upstream of the turbine
  • Innovative thermal management with full electronic control of the coolant

Educational objectives of this self-study program:

It focuses on the TFSI engine technology 1.8l. After processing this self-study program, you will answer the following questions:

  • What are the main technical measures carried out during the development of the line of EA888 engines?
  • How do new innovative technologies?
  • What’s new in the service area and service?


  • Introduction
    • Design Goals
    • brief technical description
    • Technical features
  • Engine mechanics
    • Overview
    • Cylinder Block
    • Mobile Crew (1.8l TFSI engine)
    • command chain
    • trees ofbalancing
    • Support ancillaries
    • integrated cylinder head exhaust manifold (IAGK)
    • degassing housing and crankcase gases
    • integrated exhaust (IAGK)
  • Oil supply
    • System overview
    • oil supply
    • oil filler cap
    • Switchable piston cooling Injectors
  • Cooling system
    • Synoptic
    • innovative thermal management system (ITM)
  • Air and boost supply
    • System overview
    • air guidance on engine in a transverse position
    • air guidance on engines longitudinal position
    • Intake Manifold Turbocharger
  • Fuel supply system
    • System overview
    • Packaging mixing / dual injection system
    • modes
  • Engine management
    • Synoptic TFSI engine system 1.8l CJEB (Audi A5 12)
  • Differentiation Engine Versions
    • Differences between 1.8 l / 2.0 l and between longitudinal and transverse position
    • differences between components longitudinal and transverse position
    • differences between components displacement of 1.8 l and 2.0 l
    • Differences in turbochargers
    • combustion process differences
  • Annex
    • Service Glossary
    • self-study programs (SSP)
    • Information on QR codes

The self-study program provides basic notions of design and unction of new vehicle models, new vehicle components or new technologies.
The Self-Study Programme is not a repair manual! The values shown are for information only and refer to the software version valid in the drafting of the self-study program.
For maintenance and repair, please refer to the current technical documentation. Please refer to the glossary at the end of this self-study program, an explanation of all terms in italics and marked with an asterisk.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

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