Self Study Program 600 – Audi – New assistance systems for the 2011 driving

VAG SSP 600. The various support systems that assist the driver to park currently experiencing a wave of innovation. A new generation of assistant to parking maneuvers is proposed for the first time on vehicle models in the new A6 platform. Shortly after, the Audi Q3 takes the start with this innovation. Through constant development, we managed to help the driver to park in parking spaces increasingly small.

When the vehicle was parked in the wizard to parking maneuvers in a short space of parking, the driver has no need to worry for out of the location. Of course, this also applies to situations where the vehicle was stuck in a parking space by other road users. Indeed, with the advent of the new generation of assistant to parking maneuvers, the driver can also count on the support of the system to exit a location. This applies to parallel parking spaces in the floor slots.

What is also new is the support for parking maneuvers into parking spaces perpendicular to the floor, parking-called “battle.” The system also provides assistance in this case.

The assistant to parking maneuvers helps drivers identify appropriate locations. Then, the system helps the driver to enter the parking space being in charge of steering maneuvers. Acceleration, braking and gear selection remain the task of the driver.

The optical parking assistance has also been improved. By exploiting the lateral ultrasonic sensors wizard to parking maneuvers, it is now possible, in many cases, to plot the obstacles detected around the vehicle on the MMI display. The obstacles detected are shown as white or red bars, which move within sectors. Over the obstacle approaches the vehicle, the higher the bar, in the display, approaches the vehicle.


  • parking assistant Audi
    • Overview
    • Assistance with parking maneuvers niche
    • Slots in short
    • niche sites in a 6 parking
    • turn over a sidewalk
    • Parking alonga wall
    • Assistance to the output of a niche
    • Assistance in parking maneuvers battle
    • Parking in battle next to vehicles parked askew
    • Terms of activation and termination of the parking assistant
    • Parking assistant
  • Displaying the periphery
    • Introduction
    • Sectors and bars
    • white and red bars
    • Acoustic signal ofPDC
    • display of vehicle travel lane
    • ultrasonic sensors Input Fields
    • System behavior in case of component failure
    • System Architecture
    • multiplexing Structure
    • Implantation ECU J791
  • Recommendation break
    • Introduction
    • Operation Resetting the index value (reset index)
    • Issuance ofa recommendation to break
    • Command
    • Multiplexing Diagnostics

The self-study program provides basic notions of design and unction of new vehicle models, new vehicle components or new technologies.
The Self-Study Programme is not a repair manual! The values shown are for information only and refer to the software version valid in the drafting of the self-study program.
For maintenance and repair, please refer to the current technical documentation.

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Pages: 32

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