Self Study Program 60 – 2.0L 103kW Engine with DPF

VAG SSP 60. Modern diesel engines with direct injection find forever greater popularity, because they offer larger driving convenience due to the torque already available at low speeds. Diesel engines will remain perspective drive units in modern passenger vehicles also in the future because of their advantageous fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission (CO2).

The design of the 2.0 l/103 kW TDI engine is based essentially on the 1.9 l/96 kW TDI, which is already used in Škoda Superb vehicles.

Main highlights of the engine:

  • Cylinder block is made out of cast iron
  • Camshaft drive with toothed belt
  • Cylinder head with 2-valve technology
  • Engine with unit injection system
  • Balance shaft transmission
  • Contactless system for determining the position of the throttle valve
  • Contactless system for determining the position of the exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • Diesel particle filter (DPF) with additive
  • Exhaust gas recirculation with cooling
  • Coolant pump integrated into the cylinder block
  • Oil pump drive of balance shaft transmission


Part I – 2.0 l/103 kW 2V Engine

  • Main highlights of the engine
    • Technical Data
  • Balance shaft transmission
  • Exhaust system
    • Exhaust pipe
    • Exhaust gas recirculation
  • Overview of components
  • Function diagram
    • Legend to function diagram
  • Notes

Part II – Diesel particle filter (DPF)

  • Introduction
    • What are the European Union standards?
    • Pollutant formation during combustion
    • Pollutants in the exhaust gas
    • The particles
    • Soot particle formation
    • The measures for particle decrease
  • Design and function
    • The diesel particle filter system with additive
    • The particle filter
    • The regeneration of the particle filter
    • The additive
    • The soot loading of the particle filter
    • Engine control during regeneration procedure
  • Sensors and actuators
    • System overview of diesel particle filter
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
  • Function diagram
  • System limits
  • Notes

You will find notes on inspection and maintenance, setting and repair instructions in the Workshop Manual.
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Self Study Program 60 – 2.0 l 103kW Engine with DPF