Self Study Program 57 – Diesel engine 2,0L 100kW TDI and 2,0L 103kW TDI Pump-Injector

VAG SSP 57. The times are long past, where diesel engines were slow acting, woke up the whole neighbourhood during morning start-up, and black smoke was trailing out of the exhaust when driving at full speed. The driving performance, dynamics as well as vehicle comfort, economy and emissions have been  significantly improved through further development of all engine components, combustion procedure, materials and machining procedure as well as the injection pressures.

In order to comply with strict exhaust gas emission regulations and to lower the fuel consumption at a high performance, Škoda Auto a. s. relies on the TDI Engine generation with 4-valve technology.


  • Introduction
  • Engine mechanical components
    • Cylinder head
    • Supporting frame
    • 4-valve technology
    • Roller rocker arm
    • Valve seat rings
    • Piston
    • Toothed belt drive
    • Tandem pump
    • Unit injector
  • Engine management
    • System overview
    • Control unit at CAN data bus
    • Engine speed sender
    • Hall sender G40
    • Clutch position sender G476
    • Accelerator pedal position sender G79 and G185
    • Exhaust gas recirculation system
    • Glow plug system
  • Function diagram
  • Notes

You will find notes on inspection and maintenance, setting and repair instructions in the Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 57 – Diesel engine 2,0 l/100 kW TDi and 2,0 l/103 kW TDi Pump-Injector PDF free online