Self Study Program 566 – The Crafter 2017

Self Study Program 566 – The Crafter 2017 PDF. A development concept with its finger on the pulse of customers’ requirements. Customer-orientated, functional, innovative – that is how the Crafter 2017 presents itself as a complete new development. For this purpose, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles involved users and their special requirements in the development process at a previously unmatched level of intensity. Specialists from Hanover accompanied customers in their everyday driving and asked them directly in their workplace about their requirements and ideas. The focus was always on the slogan “Design must function”. For example, it was possible to equip the Crafter 2017 with an optimum ratio between total space on the road and usable space, while nevertheless achieving the best drag coefficient in its class. The result is a previously unmatched combination of functionality, everyday practicability, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. A series of engines specially developed for the Crafter 2017, a diverse range of drive variants as well as an extensive palette of vehicle lengths and roof heights round off the concept and make the Crafter 2017 optimally customisable.

However, when it comes to driver assist systems, new standards are also set within this vehicle segment. The electromechanical power steering used for the first time in this vehicle category made it possible to equip the Crafter 2017 with an unusual range of active and passive driver assist systems. In this way, a significant contribution has been made to increasing safety.

Even shortly after its presentation, the Crafter was chosen as International Van of the Year 2017.


  • Introduction
  • Vehicle body
  • Power units
  • Power transmission
  • Running gear
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Radio, telephone and navigation

The Self-study Programme shows the design and function of 
new developments. The contents are not updated.
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Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

Self Study Program 566 – The Crafter 2017