Self Study Program 547 – The 2.0L 176kW TDI Biturbo Engine from the EA288 Diesel Engine Family

VAG SSP 547. The 2.0-l TDI biturbo engine developed by Volkswagen is a member of the EA288 diesel engine family and is being used for the first time in the Passat 2015. Its output of 176 kW makes it the most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine in the Volkswagen Passenger Cars range. The very high torque of 500 Nm is reached at an engine speed of 1,750 rpm.

In order to transfer the power onto the road in the best way possible, the engine has been combined with 4MOTION all-wheel drive and a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Thanks to its modern engine management system and the SCR exhaust gas treatment system, the engine is very environmentally friendly and produces low COemissions.


  • Introduction
    • The 2.0-l 176-kW TDI biturbo engine
  • Engine mechanics
    • Cylinder block
    • Crankshaft group
    • Cylinder head
    • Camshaft housing
    • Toothed belt drive
    • Oil supply
    • Thermal management system
    • Air duct system
    • Turbocharger system
    • Charge pressure control
    • Emission control module
    • Trap catalytic converter
    • Common rail fuel system
  • Engine management system
    • System overview
    • Engine control unit
    • Exhaust gas temperature sender 1 G235
  • Service
    • Special tools
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme presents the design and function of 
new developments!
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Current testing, setting and repair instructions can be found in the provided service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 547 – The 2.0-l 176-kW TDI Biturbo Engine from the EA288 Diesel Engine Family Design and function PDF free online