Self Study Program 538 – The Dual Clutch Gearbox 0DD

VAG SSP 538. You will find out more about the design and function of the dual clutch gearbox 0DD over the following pages. A new dual clutch gearbox is being introduced with the Golf GTE. Its compact design also allows it to be installed in A0- and B-segment vehicles.

In the Golf GTE, the dual clutch gearbox 0DD is driven by a 1.4 l 110 kW TSI engine and the electric drive motor V141 that delivers 75 kW. The gearbox has been specially configured for this drive type and allows a high level of driving enjoyment with minimum fuel consumption.


  • Introduction
    • Volkswagen dual clutch gearboxes
    • The dual clutch gearbox 0DD in the Golf GTE
  • Hybrid module
    • Overview of design
    • Clutch pack
  • Manual gearbox
    • Overview of design
    • Input shaft 1
    • Input shaft 2
    • Output shaft 1
    • Output shaft 2
    • Selector shafts
    • Single synchromesh
    • Interaction of clutches
    • Power transmission
  • Mechatronic unit
    • Overview of design
    • Oil pump
    • Valves
    • Sensors and actuators
    • Oil circuit
  • Summary
    • Procedures during gear selection
  • Service
    • Basic setting
    • Changing the oil
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme presents the design and function of 
new developments!
The content will not be updated.
Current testing, setting and repair instructions can be found in the provided service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

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