Self Study Program 504 – Vehicle Batteries

VAG SSP 504. This Self-study Programme contains the relevant basic knowledge about vehicle batteries and provides important information on the correct, service-oriented handling of batteries.

To “get the engine running” in a passenger vehicle, the engine first needs to be started.

The era in which drivers used their energy by starting the engine with a crank is long since gone – for good. Nowadays, this strenuous task is “easily” accomplished by any vehicle battery (starter battery).

The vehicle battery – an integral and indispensable part of every passenger vehicle – ensures that:

1. the engine starts
2. electrical energy is available in every load situation
3. excess electrical energy is stored – and is fed back into the system when required.

As one of the most important electronic components, the vehicle battery forms a focal point in each and every vehicle. There are good reasons why it is often referred to as the “heart of the vehicle”.

A vehicle battery should always perform its tasks in the vehicle flawlessly.

Appropriate handling of the battery is therefore particularly important.


  • Introduction
    • Historical details
    • Batteries yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • The basics
    • Battery design
    • Sulphuric acid
    • Charging and discharging processes
    • Technical variables and terms
  • Battery types
    • Wet batteries
    • Good value batteries (economy batteries)
    • Enhanced flooded batteries (EFB)
    • Absorbent glass mat batteries (AGM batteries)
  • VOLKSWAGEN batteries
    • Effects on energy management
    • Vehicle electrical system concepts
    • Battery and alternator interaction
    • Discharge and temperature response
  • Service
    • Battery check
    • Charging the battery
    • Jump starting
    • Battery – operation
    • Infosheet on handling starter batteries
    • Dangers when handling batteries
  • Glossary
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme describes the design and function of new developments.
The contents will not be updated.
For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

Self Study Program 504 – Vehicle Batteries Design and Function PDF free online