Self Study Program 497 – Innovative Thermal Management

VAG SSP 497. The thermal behaviour of combustion engines has been an issue since the invention of the motor vehicle. On the one hand, the engine together with its fluids needs to be brought up to operating temperature quickly and, on the other, it needs to be cooled once it reaches high operating temperatures. In addition to this, the vehicle occupants require heat. Vehicles need clever thermal management systems to meet these thermal requirements.

The innovative thermal management system (ITM) is an intelligent cold start and warm-up program for the engine and gearbox. Thanks to the specific control of the coolant flows, it allows the engine and the gearbox to reach their operating temperatures quicker for optimum fuel consumption and also the interior to be heated more quickly.

In brief, the following advantages are achieved thanks to the optimised thermal behaviour:

  • fuel consumption reduced by up to 0.3l per 100km
  • interior is heated more quickly
  • engine warms up more quickly
  • gearbox warms up more quickly

In the first development stage, the ITM was already used in the Touareg Hybrid and is described in selfstudy programme no. 452. It is also used in the 4.2l V8 TDI engine. Further information on the ITM in this engine can be found in self-study programme no.

The ITM is used to its maximum in the 3.6l V6 FSI engine (engine code CGRA) and will be explained in more detail in this self-study programme.


  • Introduction
  • The ITM System
  • Cooling Circuit
  • Function
  • System Overview
  • Function Matrix
  • Test Yourself

The self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments.
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