Self Study Program 482 – Audi A7 Sportback – Head-up display and speed limit indicator

VAG SSP 482. With the market launch of the Audi A7 Sportback, Audi is presenting two new systems that impressively underscore the continuous progress in automotive technology. First of all, this involves a head-up display, which projects important vehicle parameters directly into the field of vision of the driver. This means the driver has all the information relevant to driving in the primary field of vision at all times. For example, to find out the current road speed the driver no longer needs to shift his glance to the instrument cluster; he also sees it when looking through the windscreen. The head-up display makes it possible!

Another new system in the Audi A7 Sportback is the speed limit indicator. The driver is shown the current speed regulations both in the instrument cluster and in the head-up display. The system is also capable of displaying additional signs with restrictions to the prescribed speed. As a result, the driver is continuously informed with regard to which maximum speed is permitted on the current road, for example when towing a trailer.

The system operates on the basis of an image processing system that uses a camera to record the area around the front of the vehicle. These images are subsequently evaluated with image processing software with respect to road signs with prescribed speeds.

The system also uses information from the navigation system with regard to speed limits. The  combination of both sources of information enables high reliability for exact recognition and  representation of prescribed speeds.

The speed limit indicator is designed purely as an information system. It informs the customer regarding current speed limits, but neither intervenes in the driving itself nor issues warnings if limits are exceeded. At all times, the driver retains full responsibility.


  • Head-up display
    • Introduction
    • Displays of the head-up display
    • The control unit for windscreen projection J898
    • Operation and setting options
    • Calibration of the head-up display
  • Speed limit indicator
    • Introduction
    • The Audi speed limit indicator
    • Displays
    • Operation and setting options
    • Function implementation in the vehicle

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Self Study Program 482 – Audi A7 Sportback – Head-up display and speed limit indicator