Self Study Program 475 – ESC Audi

VAG SSP 475. This self-study program is to teach you the fundamentals of these systems. Traction control and support systems based driver automatic braking make an important contribution to active safety in road traffic. Most of the time we do not even notice these auxiliaries during everyday driving.

Recent years have seen a rapid development in the field of driver assistance systems. Technological advances, especially in the development and production of electronic components, are provided. Common use of sub-functions of several systems, the exchange of information between different systems and various outbuildings are the logical consequence of this development.

To Service personnel, knowledge of functional relationships is an important challenge. Knowledge in this area are essential to be able to explain to the client commands and functions for controlling functions for fault detection, to diagnosis and ultimately for troubleshooting.

Due to the change of the ESP designation ESC in 2012 at the Group level, the ESC designation is used for the first time in this self-study program. The designations of components, such that “unit G419 ESP sensors” are an exception here.

These designations containing the abbreviation “ESP” will continue initially be used in the service of documents and systems.


  • basic knowledge of driving dynamics
    • The pneumatic connection – floor
  • System overview
    • Classification systems
  • Control systems based on ABS / ESC
    • The anti-lock system (ABS)
    • distributor of braking force (EBV)
  • external systems
    • Electromechanical parking brake – emergency brake function (EPB)
    • Cruise Control (GRA +)
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Systems mandated by the ESC
    • dynamic leadership
    • Driver Steering Recommendation (DSR)
  • control strategy
  • Control and information of conducteur
  • Operations Service
  • Control connaissances

The self-study program provides basic notions of design and unction of new vehicle models, new vehicle components or new technologies.
The Self-Study Programme is not a repair manual! The values shown are for information only and refer to the software version valid in the drafting of the self-study program.
For maintenance and repair, please refer to the current technical documentation.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 80

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