Self Study Program 461 – Audi A8 2010 – Driver assistance systems

VAG SSP 461. Finally, it’s here! A new generation of the Audi A8 is launched to the public with an extensive list of new features and innovations guaranteed to win the hearts of customers. Once again, the driver assistance systems incorporate a number of innovations. The flagship of the Audi range provides an impressive demonstration of how driver assistance systems can help customers to travel safely, comfortably and in a relaxed fashion.

One of the most exciting new features can be found in the area of vehicle lighting: the headlight assist system recently unveiled by Audi. This system automatically detects night driving situations where it is appropriate to use the main beam and when to switch to dipped beam. The main beam is turned on or off accordingly.

The new intelligent light system marks a departure from digital switch-over between dipped and main beam. Using a new type of camera, the system determines how far the headlights can be raised and adjusts the range of the headlights continuously between dipped and main beam. The intelligent light system gives the driver the best possible road illumination at night without dazzling other road-users.

The technical basis for implementation of the intelligent light system is a new image processing system available in two configurations. In its full configuration the image processing system enables the ACC Stop & Go system to operate in a more anticipatory fashion. For this purpose, the ACC is notified in advance when the system detects a vehicle ahead changing lane.


  • The new image processing system
    • Introduction
    • Wiring diagram of image processing system
  • The camera control unit J852
    • Installation location of camera
    • New features of camera in control unit J852
    • Calibrating the camera
    • Diagnostics
    • New features of Audi lane assist
  • Intelligent light system
    • Function
    • Response to oncoming vehicle
    • Response to vehicle driving ahead
    • Implementation of function in vehicle
    • Switching function on and off
    • Active intelligent light system
    • Activation and deactivation thresholds
    • Roller adjustment and resulting illumination of road
    • Adjustment range of rollers in headlights
    • Transitions between town light, country light and motorway light
  • Intelligent light system with navigation assistance
    • Introduction
    • Advantages of intelligent light system with navigation assistance
    • Activation and deactivation thresholds
    • Use of town light
    • Use of motorway light
    • Use of country light
    • Intersection light
    • Tourist mode
    • Communicating with the intelligent light system
  • The image processing control unit J851
    • Installation location of image processing control unit
    • Diagnostics
  • Functions of image processing system for ACC Stop & Go
    • ACC assistance by driver assistance systems
    • Recognition of traffic ahead of vehicle in camera image
    • Recognition of imminent lane changes

The Self-Study Programme teaches basics of the design and unction of new models, automotive components or technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual. Figures given are for guidance purposes only and refer to the software version valid at the time of preparation of the SSP.
For further information about maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 28

Self Study Program 461 – Audi A8 ’10 – Driver assistance systems