Self Study Program 456 – The Audi A8 2010

VAG SSP 456. This Self-Study Programme provides you with general information about the Audi A8 2010. The Audi A8 2010 combines excellent road holding with a high level of ride comfort and unique design. The Audi A8 2010, the sportiest of the luxury saloons, clearly stands apart from its core competitors, combining outstanding standards of comfort and prestige with a potentially irresistible appeal.

The Audi A8 is synonymous with the innovative Audi Space Frame (ASF) body concept, which has been systematically refined. An intelligent, modular front and rear Crash Management System fully absorbs the impact energy at low speed.

The occupants of the Audi A8 ’10 reside in an interior that exudes exclusivity and sporting elegance throughout, enhanced with a myriad of innovative details that underscore its progressive design and quality.

The engines of the Audi A8 ’10 and the eight-speed tiptronic have been developed specifically with a view to better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions combined with higher performance.

The Audi A8 ’10 is a beneficiary of the new design direction at Audi, which is based on the modular longitudinal platform principle. Key changes include the redesigned kinematics and elasto-kinematics, the set-forward front axle and reconfigured front axle components, the steering position under the centre of the front wheel and the upper control arm mounting integrated into the body.

The new light system and the numerous electronic control units arising from the increased use of  infotainment systems have inspired groundbreaking new solutions in the Audi A8 ’10.

For instance, most of the control units are installed in the luggage compartment behind the rear seat system. A FlexRay bus system which controls data transfer by setting fixed transmission times has been integrated into the existing vehicle network.

The standard 2+2 zone automatic air conditioning system is based on a new air conditioner with 15 servomotors and allows separate climate control at head and foot level. The optional four-zone automatic air conditioning system also features a separate rear air conditioning system.

The aims of this Self-Study Programme

Once you have worked through this Self-Study Programme, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • From which material is the body B-post made?
  • What is new about the car in terms of passive safety for pedestrians?
  • What is the function behind the name Audi pre sense?
  • What is the background to Innovative Thermal Management?
  • Which new gearbox has been fitted?
  • What is FlexRay?
  • Which new driver assistance systems are available in the Audi A8 ’10?
  • What are the new features of the air conditioning system in the Audi A8 ’10?
  • What is so innovative about the third-generation MMI in the Audi A8 ’10?


  • Introduction
    • Summary
  • Body
    • ASF body of the new Audi A8 ’10
    • B-post and B-post striker panel
  • Passive safety
    • Passive safety in the Audi A8 ’10
  • Active safety
    • Audi pre sense
  • Engine mechanicals
    • Short technical description of the 4.2l V8 FSI engine in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Innovative Thermal Management (ITM) in the 4.2l V8 FSI engine
    • Short technical description of the 4.2l V8 TDI engine in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Innovative Thermal Management (ITM) in the 4.2l V8 TDI engine
    • Fuel tank of the Audi A8 ’10
  • Gearbox
    • 0BK gearbox and OBL gearbox in the Audi A8 ’10
  • Suspension system
    • adaptive air suspension (aas)
    • Brake system
    • Steering system
    • Wheels and tyres
  • Electrical system
    • Convenience electronics in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Audi tracking assist
    • New driver assistance systems in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Audi night vision assist
    • Topology in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Audi drive select
  • Heating and air conditioning
    • Air conditioning system in the Audi A8 ’10
    • Seats with massage function and ventilation
  • Infotainment
    • Audi MMI
    • Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
    • Sound system
    • Antenna systems
    • Navigation data based vehicle assistance
  • Service
    • The Advanced Maintenance Concept
    • Special tools

The Self-Study Programme teaches basics of the design and unction of new models, automotive components or technologies.
It is not a Repair Manual. Figures given are for guidance purposes only and refer to the software version valid at the time of preparation of the SSP.
For further information about maintenance and repair work, always refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 96

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