Self Study Program 448 – Wheel Alignment – Basics

VAG SSP 448. Today’s modern vehicles have increasingly complex and advanced suspension systems that need to fulfil the requirements of comfort, sporty usage and especially road safety.

We now have very good means for measuring the suspension geometry and for correcting misaligned settings to ensure that the high requirements set for the suspension system can also be met over the entire vehicle life and after accidents.

In this self-study programme, you will learn about the background of wheel alignment, for example:

  • Suspension-related terms
  • Preparation of the wheel alignment system
  • Checking the wheel alignment system
  • Why the alignment is carried out
  • The tools used for wheel alignment
  • How the alignment principle works


  • Basics
    • Introduction
    • Design configuration – vehicle position X-Y-Z axis system
    • Suspension-related terms
  • Wheel Alignment
    • Why do the wheels need to be aligned?
    • Workshop equipment for wheel alignment
    • Carrying out the wheel alignment
  • Using Wheel Alignment Stands For Other Systems
    • Driver assistance systems
  • Axles
    • Types of axle
  • Flowchart
    • Flowchart for wheel alignment

For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

Self Study Program 448 – Wheel Alignment – Basics PDF free online