Self Study Program 442 – The 1.6L TDI Engine with Common Rail Injection System

VAG SSP 442. The 1.6l TDI engine with common rail injection system will form the basis for all future four-cylinder diesel engines. This engine represents a new generation of efficient, economical and dynamic diesel engines from Volkswagen. Following the 2.0l 103kW TDI engine with common rail injection system, the 1.6l TDI engine is now being launched in different output levels.

The 1.6l TDI engine sees Volkswagen continue a success story in the diesel segment that began in 1993 with the first direct-injection turbocharged diesel car engine.

The engine sets standards in terms of dynamics, driving fun, consumption and reliability. In addition, the use of common rail technology allows a clear improvement in comfort and noise.

Volkswagen is very well prepared with this engine when it comes to future emissions standards. It fulfils the EU5 emissions standard.


  • Introduction
  • Engine Components
  • System Overview
  • Functional Diagram
  • Service
  • Test Yourself

The self-study programme portrays the design and function of new developments.
The contents will not be updated.
For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

Self Study Program 442 – The 1.6ltr. TDI Engine with Common Rail Injection System Design and Function PDF free online