Self Study Program 435 – 3rd Generation Audi MMI System

VAG SSP 435. Audi is increasing its lead in infotainment technology even further. A new generation of the MMI – the supreme solution for multimedia, communications and operation – has been unveiled. With a large hard drive, a DVD drive and its high-speed processors, it has become even more versatile and more powerful.

3rd generation MMI

  • Introducing the latest generation of the best system on the market today
  • Even higher performance and easier operation

When the Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) was launched in the A8 in 2002, journalists and the general public were unanimous: the Audi concept was the best on the market. With its control knob on the centre tunnel and large function keys used for selecting the main menus, it was effortless to use, with self-evident logicthat was repeated on the MMI display. Audio, TV, information, telephone and navigation – never before had the driver been able to control all these menus so intuitively.

The MMI set new standards from the outset and became the benchmark for the competition. Its status was confirmed by many wins in comparative tests. The system was also adopted for the A6 and Q7 model lines, and for the new A4. In this area of technology, too, the brand with the four-ring emblem has pioneered progress from the head of the field.

Audi has been intensively developing every aspect of its MMI system. The full version, MMI Navigation plus, is now a state-of-the-art high-end system. The basic operating principle has been retained, but the innovative joystick makes it even more convenient. This joystick is located on the central knob and can be moved in eight directions – with high precision and the high-quality feel that the Audi driver expects.

Apart from the control terminal, the monitor screen is the second important interface between the system and its users. For the new MMI, Audi has provided a large TFT display measuring seven inches from corner to corner. It is located in an ergonomically favourable position high up on the centre console. With a very high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and LED backlighting, this monitor produces an exceptionally sharp image with plenty of contrast. Even in poor light conditions, the colours stand out sharply against the black background.

The new central processor, the information electronics control unit -1- J794, integrates all functions, previously distributed among up to six separate control units. Additional features, such as the SD card reader and hard drive, which are integrated in the MMI Navigation plus, make the control unit into a truly high-tech product.

The second new unit is the radio control unit R. It brings together the functions of the tuner and sound system, previously distributed among up to three control units. This means, therefore, that the total number control units in the MOST bus system has been reduced. Although the 3rd generation MMI has more functions and equipment options, it requires less space on the whole and saves more than 4 kg in the full version.

The new MMI will extend Audi’s lead over its competitors.


  • Control unit topology
  • Feature options
  • System versions
  • Information electronics control unit -1- J794
  • Radio
  • Sound systems
  • Other components
  • Service
  • Glossary*

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