Self Study Program 41 – NEW 6-Speed Manual Gearbox 02M for Octavia 4×4

VAG SSP 41. The 6-speed manual gearbox 02M is such a new development. You can find out more regarding design and function of the gearbox in this Self Study Programme.

Ever greater demands are made on modern cars in terms of function, driving comfort, safety,  environmental compatibility and also their suitability for a sporty style of driving. That is a reason why cars undergo permanent further development and evolution. In addition to many other technical components this also is true for the gearbox.

Gearboxes with more gears are, for example, quieter running and can be better adapted to the properties of different engines. By more effectively exploiting the available torque, they also indirectly contribute to a reduction in pollutant emissions.

It is a compact gearbox for transverse installation in the engine with 6 forward gears, adapted to four-wheel drive 4×4. The compact design has been achieved by using 1 input shaft and 2 output shafts.


  • Introduction
  • Gearbox Mechanical Components
    • Design
    • The housing
    • Diagram of gearbox
    • The input shaft
    • The 1st output shaft
    • The 2nd output shaft
    • The reverse idler shaft
    • Differential and bevel box
    • The double mesh
    • Clutch control
    • Power flow
  • Shift Mechanism
    • External shift mechanism
    • Internal shift mechanism
    • The selector movement
    • The shift movement
    • The reverse gear lock
  • Sensors
    • Indication of vehicle speed
    • Reversing light switch F4
  • Test Your Knowledge

You will find notes on inspection and maintenance, setting and repair instructions in the Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 34

Self Study Program 41 – NEW 6-Speed Manual Gearbox 02M for Octavia 4×4 PDF free online