Self Study Program 361 – Audi Q7

VAG SSP 361. Audi Q7 – the high-performance SUV from the creator of quattro. On the road, it excels with the driving performance and dynamics of a sports car, while redefining the possibilities of its class off-road. A vehicle which visually display all its qualities and meets its promise in technological terms, on any road and under any conditions.

The very design of the Audi Q7 sets new standards. Characteristic of the typical Audi dynamism are the swooping curve of the roofline and the distinctive relationship between the high waistline and narrow window area. The dynamic sweep of the front section and the powerful rear with the sharply sloping Depillars provide a coupe-like profile.

Equally characteristic elements of the current Audi styling are the shoulder line and dynamic line which define the side section.


  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Passenger protection
  • Engine
  • Running gear
  • Electrical system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Infotainment

The self-study programme provides basic information on the design and function of new vehicle models, new vehicle components or new technologies.
The self-study programme is not intended as a workshop manual.
The specified values only serve for better understanding and relate to the software versions applicable at the time the SSP was compiled.
For maintenance and repair operations it is essential that you refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 76

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