Self Study Program 316 – The 2.0L TDI engine

VAG SSP 316. The 2.0 ltr. TDI engine was developed as the first four cylinder diesel engine with four valve technology in the Volkswagen Group for use in the Touran, in the Golf 2004 and also in other vehicles yet to be introduced.

The days of sluggish and noisy diesel engines that, when started, startled the whole neighbourhood out of bed and left a trail of black smoke when full throttle was applied are long gone.

Driving performance, driving dynamics, driving comfort, economy and emissions have been markedly improved due to the consistent further development of all the engine components, the combustion procedure, the materials and processes and also the injection pressures.

In order to meet the stricter emissions regulations and to further reduce fuel consumption with greater power output, Volkswagen uses the TDI engine generation with 4 valve technology.


  • Introduction
  • Engine mechanics
  • Engine management
  • Functional diagram
  • Service
  • Test yourself

This self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments! The contents will not be updated. For current inspection, adjustment and repair instructions, please refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 316 – The 2.0 ltr. TDI engine Design and function PDF free online